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Between Heaven & Earth

Thank you Between Heaven & Earth

Thank you Between Heaven & Earth


The voice of a loved one, the sound of a favorite song, a daydream which takes you to another place or a very special scent which gives you a felling of being there. There being your own feel good state of mind.

Patchouli has been my own aroma therapy since long before the phrase was ever coined. I love it’s rich, pungent scent. But it has always been an elusive oil to capture. One which will not turn into a rancid unusable smell which assaults one’s nose. Through the years I have tried many predominately patchouli products but without satisfactory results. Now that has changed.

Recently, my nose test told me that my search had ended in success. I found Ganesha’s Garden Patchouli from Between Heaven & Earth. This ‘heavenly’ product has a pungent but not overpowering scent of Patchouli. It is so easy to apply and doesn’t turn my skin yellow nor does it cause stains to clothing. And the scent, my special patchouli, stays with me all day long. Now that’s what I call aroma therapy, my aroma therapy.

Once again I say thank you Between Heaven & Earth.