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Between Heaven & Earth

Between Heaven and Earth Incense

Between Heaven and Earth Incense


This year we decided to replace our existing incense supplier with a new – locally made line of bulk incense manufactured in Kaslo, B.C. by a company called ” Between Heaven & Earth ”

This incense retails at 10 for $1.00 and is displayed in a beautiful hardwood display designed specially for our stores two ft. shelves. The display holds twenty- four scents of incense as well as the bags the ends of the sticks are color coded to keep then form getting mixed up.

The response from our customers has been overwhelming. On an average we sell incense to 20 customers a day. The comments from our customers have all been very positive, both about the value and also how fragrant the product is. We feel having the incense produced here rather than importing insures that the product is always fresh.

One customer pointed out to us that he felt this product was the best deal in the store. We have noticed that we now have many repeat customers who come in specifically for incense, but are now shopping the rest of the store. This has helped our sales by being a major draw to our store, much the same way our $1.00 greeting cards are.

We would hope that other potential customers of Between Heaven & Earth would give this new venture a chance to prove themselves in your store. The service is excellent, the product is great, and the display is very impressive.