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A Pure True Scent…

A Pure True Scent…


I absolutely love with a passion your Vanilla Bean solid perfume. Besides the fact that the little stone container comes in handy when the perfume is gone, this particular vanilla scent far exceeds any other vanilla scent I have ever encountered…and I have tried them all. It’s such a pure true scent unhampered by alcohol and alot of other junk that causes most people to be allergic.

I am a musician, and am in constant contact with people, they are always telling me how nice I smell and that they are allergic to most perfumes, but that my scent is so refreshingly pure and doesn’t cause them a problem. I have the benefit of knowing it is definitely there but not overpowering.

Thank-You for putting out such a wonderful affordable product. I have sent many people over to Goodness Me to try your products. I will never use anything else, so I hope you never stop making it.

Thank- You again, I am thrilled.